Welcome to SCG Group LLC

Welcome to SCG Group LLC

Welcome to SCG Group LLC Welcome to SCG Group LLC Welcome to SCG Group LLC

 Simplifying Your Operation While Increasing Your Bottom Line


 Founded in 2009, the SCG GROUP is a privately owned firm headquartered in Miami Florida helping organizations uncover hidden profits and overlooked opportunities



* Human Resources System and Services

* Operations & Process Re-engineering

* Quality programs development

* Policy & Procedure development

* Revenue Optimization & Management

* Contract Negotiation & Auditing

* Software Development and Implementation

* Technology Architecture & Design

* Project Management & Implementation


=> Do you feel your business is controlling you?

=> Are you comfortable with your current productivity and profitability?

=> Does your business provide predictable results? => Are your employees engaged?

=> Do you want to benefit from high team performance and low turnover?

=> Are your Business' needs aligned with your customers’ needs?

This is the opportune time now to take a step back from the day to day operations and consider how leaner your business could be.

Our experience virtually covers every aspect of this industry and makes us a very capable and powerful partner in your quest to navigate the complexities of Business Operations.